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Setup Rsync Ubuntu

Setting up rsync server on Ubuntu

Multi-Room Audio With Raspberry Pi's and Speakers over WiFi

Want to make your own Multi-Room Audio System that works entirely on your WiFi network using nothing but Raspberry Pi’s and some cheap speakers?

MQTT Cheat Sheet

As the title suggests, a bunch of MQTT commands that will come to your rescue when needed.

Using Bluetooth on your RPi3 as a Device Tracker

Here is a simple way to use your Raspberry Pi’s bluetooth for presence detection. You need Raspberry Pi3 in order to be able to leverage bluetooth capabilities.

Daemons, Creating System Services (using systemd)

Want to run your programs as “background services” that automatically start on boot? You’ve come to the right place.

Raspberry Pi Basic Setup

Got a new Raspberry Pi? Here is how you go about setting it up. Just the basics, but all the necessary stuff.

USPS Mail Integration With Home Assistant

Want to see your USPS mails in Home Assistant? Follow the elaborate steps to automate that…

Setup UPS Battery on Ubuntu

Got a new battery backup, and want to set it up and automate it?

Upgrading to Python 3.6 in venv

Do you have a Raspberry Pi/Ubuntu that is running an older version of python and you want to upgrade python version?

Restart Home Assistant from GUI

Looking for a way to restart and upgrade Home Assistant using just the GUI? Follow two simple steps, and you are all set!

Custom Events in Home Assistant

Looking for a quick and easy way to fire custom events and subscribe to them in Home Assistant? Check out the following code…